Junior Team Tennis League


2023: Starting February 18th/19th 

JTTL is a team tennis competition for junior tennis players of all ages. It provides players with valuable singles and doubles match play opportunities as well as to be a part of a team. The league is an excellent way to challenge and motivate junior players to compete in a fun and supervised environment. You may enter with a team or as an individual where we can place you on a team. The JTTL is sanctioned and jointly organized by the Singapore Tennis Association (STA), the national governing body for tennis in Singapore, and managed by UFIT Sports Pte Ltd, a sports management company based in Singapore.   

This season we will be running four age group divisions. We have divided them into:  

10/U A and B, 12/U A and B, 14/U A and B, 17/U A and B 

* Please note that entries to each age group/category is limited differently and therefore entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis according to this criteria. We will do our best to place all team and individual entries however places are not guaranteed. JTT management reserves the right to adjust individual or teams grade of entry based on individual rankings/draw size. Past JTTL results as well as SPEX rankings may be considered.

2.  Age Group Eligibility

All junior players (boys and girls) are eligible. The age groups and divisions for Season 1, 2023 league are as following:  (Written permission from JTT Management must be provided in order to play above your age group)

  • 10 & U (Born on or after July 1st 2012)
  • 12 & U (Born on or after July 1st 2010)
  • 14 & U (Born on or after July 1st 2008)
  • 17 & U (Born on or after July 1st 2005)

If you are born in September 2010, you can play Season 1 but not season 2 in 12 & U. 
If you are born in March 2008, you cannot play Season 1 or Season 2 in 14 & U.

*Any player requesting to play above their age group must fill in the form requesting permission from JTT Management. No player is allowed to play up two age groups

All teams can be made up of either boys, girls or mixed. There is no separate division for different genders. All age groups will have an A and a B division, with A being the highest level. Please ask management if you are unsure whether to enter A or B. Each division will be split into pools (groups of teams). Teams will play 6 weeks of matches made up of round robin pool matches and play offs. 

3.  Dates for Season 1, 2023

Saturday Sunday
Week 1: February 18th February 19th
Week 2: February 25th February 26th
Week 3: March 4th March 5th
Week 4: March 18th March 19th
Week 5: April 15th April 16th
Week 6: April 29th April 30th

4.  Times of Play

  • 10/U will play all matches on Sundays.
  • 12/U will play all matches on Sundays.
  • 14/U will play all matches on Saturdays, with most matches after 12pm.
  • 17/U will play all matches on Saturdays, with most matches after 12pm. 

You will be told your draw at the start of the season. Your time slot will vary each week, but the day will stay the same*. The time slots are either 9am-12pm, 10am-1pm, 12pm-3pm, 1pm-4pm or 3pm-6pm

*The above schedule is subject to change depending on court availability. **There will be only a limited number of matches played on Saturday morning.

5.  Locations

We will be using United World College Dover Road as our main location for 10/U, 12/U, 14/U and 17/U. Other locations are NUS, SAS, ACJC, and the Savitar Tennis Centre at the Fairmont Hotel. Your team does not need to provide any courts to enter. For directions to locations please click here or go to "Venues" on the main menu.

6.  Team, Match Format and Points System

All players must be ranked in order of ability (from #1-8) on the entry form. Four to eight players are rostered to play each week. Players cannot play out of order, e.g. if you have your number 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 playing that day then the number 2 becomes number 1 for that day and so on. If there is a dispute or concern over the ranking you receive, it can be officially challenged by team managers and adjusted by JTT within the first two weeks of play. Each tie will consist of six matches, four singles and two doubles. If you have four players rostered for the match tie then all players will play - one singles and one doubles. If you have more than four players rostered on some players will play - both singles and doubles and some players will play only singles or only doubles.

The Scoring format for 10/U will be a set (first to 6 games) sudden-death deuce (no advantage scoring), and a tie breaker at 5 games all (standard Match Tiebreak first to 7 points, two point advantage at 6 points all). One point will be rewarded for each match won. An additional two points will be rewarded for the overall winning team (i.e. the team with the most matches won). If the final score is 3-3 in matches then there will be a count back of games.

The scoring format for 12/U, 14/U, 17/U will be played as 2 short sets of first to 4 games. Should any set reach 3 games all (3-3) then a short tiebreak to 5 points will be played (1 deciding point at 4 points all). If sets are tied at 1-1 at the conclusion of the second set, a standard Match Tiebreak (first to 7 points, two point advantage at 6 points all) will be played to determine the winner. Sudden-death deuce for all matches (no advantage scoring). When it is sudden-death, the receiving team chooses which side to return from. An additional two points will be rewarded for the overall winning team (i.e. the team with the most matches won). If the final score is 3-3 in matches then there will be a count back of games.

All JTTL formats play with Lets. Let – a serve is called a let when the ball hits the net cord but still lands in the service court. Such a serve is not considered a fault and the server may repeat the service attempt. A ball that hits the net cord but lands outside the service box is still a fault.

7.  Team Make Up and Player rankings

Team make up, player rankings within the teams and picking the correct grade for each team; will be done by each club, school, coaching group or team manager. This can be done by either the coaches (if available), challenge matches, STA rankings (or a combination of all three). Alternatively, JTT management is available to assist.

Ranking Players: You are responsible for making sure your players are ranked in order of ability, based upon your knowledge of their tennis skills, from #1 (highest performing player on the team) to #8 (if applicable). If you are uncertain, please enquire with JTT management and/or the onsite coordinator. All teams will be listed in order of ranking. 

You can make changes to the rankings within the first two weeks only (before the start of week 3). Team managers are able to update the rankings online. You can also email the new rankings to jtt@ufit.com.sg. Any changes of the player rankings must be updated online or officially acknowledged by the JTT Management by Thursday before match start.

A team consists of minimum 5 players and maximum 8 players. You can add players to your team up until 3rd week of competition starts.

8.  Team and Individual Entries

All entries can be done online. For team registration please click here

Teams are to be put together by the club/school/coaching group that they are playing for or by the team manager. It is up to the players which team they choose to play for. An individual or group may choose to put their own team together outside of their school/club or coaching group.

There is also an individual entry option. Players not on a team may enter individually if they prefer and JTT will use its best efforts to place individuals in combined teams. Individual entries are required to attend a Grading Day to assess levels (please see section 10). For individual registration please click here.


Entry Fees are:

  • Team Entry: S$795 per team (E.g. If 6 players, S$132.50 per person)
  • Individual Entry (to be placed in a team by JTT organizers): S$160 (includes grading and administration fee)

Entry fees include six weeks of matches, onsite match coordinators at all venues and new balls for each tie. The price is inclusive of GST.

Once payment has been made there will be no refunds unless: you are injured prior to the league starting then you will receive 50% refund. After the league has started there is no refund. If you enter as an individual and JTT is unable to place you in a team you will receive a full refund.

** NB. If the team you are in foresee issues with holidays and other commitments and you would like to add extra players up to 8. (minimum of 5 players in a team and a maximum of 8 players). Please note the more players you have in your team the less matches you will get to play. You may add additional players up to 8 per team, at no extra cost up to the end of week 2 of play.

9.  Entry Deadline

Team Entries: Must be received by JTT no later than Sunday January 29, 2023.
Individual Entries: Must be received by JTT no later than Wednesday January 25th, 2023. (Grading Day will be on Sunday 29th January 2023 (please see section 10 for more details), at the Savitar Tennis Centre (Fairmont Hotel, Level 8) - all individual entries must attend unless you have contacted JTT Management)

Once your entry form and payment has been received by the JTT, you will receive confirmation via email. All necessary information including rules, regulations, draws and locations will be given to you at the Launch Day (see section 11 below). If you enter individually you must attend Grading Day unless you have spoken to JTT Management. We will email you confirming your individual entry and Grading Day information prior to Grading Day. Please note that entries to each age group/category is limited differently and therefore entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis according to this criteria.

10. Grading Day 

All Individual entries are required to attend a grading day on Sunday, 29th January 2023 (please see respective timeslots below), at the Savitar Tennis Centre (Fairmont Hotel, Level 8). This is where we will place all the individual entries into a team. There is no scoring and it's not super competitive, just to give us an indication of each player's level and potential ranking in a team. If you are unable to attend Grading Day please contact JTT Management at jtt@ufit.com.sg.

U10 (A&B): 3.30pm - 4.15pm

U12 (A&B): 4.15pm - 5.00pm

U14/U17 (A&B): 5.00pm - 5.45pm

11.  Launch Day

Sunday February 12th, 2023

U10 (A&B): 4.00pm-5.00pm

U12/U14/U17 (A&B): 5.00pm-6.00pm

We will send out more details via email prior to the launch day.

Please click here for more details about Launch Day

12.  Match Supervision

An onsite match coordinator provided by the JTT will supervise all matches at each venue. They will be managing various tasks such as monitoring the order of play, distributing balls, conflict resolution and filling in score sheets. The Head Coordinators will be Goran Ahlstrand (96465703) / Angela Lim (90050455) and your points of contact for the weekend. This is where you will get all necessary information including rules, regulations, draws and locations. You will also work out your roster with your team manager to decide which weeks you can and can’t play. For teams that don’t have a manager this will be worked out at the Launch Day. Please let your manager know if you are unable to attend. If a manager cannot attend please let us know. Launch Day should take no more than 30mins-45mins and does not involve playing any tennis.

13.  Team Management

Each team requires one parent to be team manager. The sole role of the manager is to be the point of contact with the JTT, to manage the weekly roster (this will be done at the Launch Day) of who is playing and you may like to attend the matches (this is not compulsory and can be shared amongst parents or left to the players). The manager does not require any tennis knowledge, as there is an onsite coordinator at all sites to manage the ties.

14. Sports Safety

For more information on how to compete successfully and safely in the hot Singapore climate please refer to Sports Singapore heat disorders prevention and UV protection guide.

If you have any questions please contact JTT at jtt@ufit.com.sg or H/P: 9005-0455 (Angela)

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