JTTL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First of all, We would like to thank you all of you for your interest in JTTL. There are plenty of emails sent to us every day which are needed to be answered. Many of them are asking the same questions, so we try to compile all similar questions into this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You can read this FAQ below before submitting your questions.

1. What is JTTL?

JTTL is a team tennis competition for junior tennis players. There are four age groups, 10/U A and B, 12/U A and B, 14/U A and B, 17/U A and B. There are two seasons per year, Season 1 Feb-May and Season 2 Sep-Nov. The tournament runs over 6 weekends (scheduled away from holidays etc.). Each week the team will compete against another team over six matches, two doubles and four singles. All teams can be made up of either boys, girls or mixed. A team consists of 5-8 players. 

2. What are the dates for 2022?

Saturday Sunday
Week 1: September 17th September 18th
Week 2: September 24th September 25th
Week 3: October 1st October 2nd
Week 4: October 8th October 9th
Week 5: November 5th November 6th
Week 6: November 12th November 13th

The full schedule will be revealed on the Launch Day, September 11th. 

3. Can I still register?

The registration for JTTL 2022 opens on July 1st 2022. 

Closing dates: Team entries: August 28th, 2022 (or earlier if reached max capacity)
Individual entries: August 24th, 2022 (or earlier if reached max capacity)

4. What is Individual Registration?

Players not on a team may enter individually and JTTL organizers will use its best efforts to place individuals in combined teams together with other individuals. Individual entries are required to attend a grading day to assess levels. Further information about the Grading day please see section 15 below.

5. If I don’t have a team can I still register?

Yes you can either contact the teams on the Team Finder or register as an Individual and we will do our best to put the player into a team on the Grading Day.

6. Can I register for 2 teams?

No, You are only allowed to register for one Team/Age group.

7. What age group/category (A or B) shall I sign up for?

Age eligibility 2022: 
10 & U (Born in 2012 or later)
12 & U (Born in 2010 or later)
14 & U (Born in 2008 or later)
17 & U (Born in 2005 or later)  

Any player requesting to play above their age group must fill in the form requesting permission from JTT Management. No player is allowed to play up two age groups.

A Grade: For competitive players with tournament experience. B Grade: For players with limited or no tournament experience, or still building the ability to serve and rally confidently.

8. Will I play my matches on Saturdays or Sundays?

10/U & 12/U will play all matches on Sundays. 14/U & 17/U will play all matches on Saturdays, with most matches after 12pm.*

The time slots are either 9am-12pm, 10am-1pm, 12pm-3pm, 1pm-4pm or 3pm-6pm. Your time slot will vary each week, but the day will stay the same.*

*The above schedule is subject to change depending on court availability.

9. Do I need to play all 6 weekends?

You will let the team manager know your availability in the beginning of the season and they will try to roster you on accordingly. So if there are certain weekends that you are not available, please let the manager know. 

10. Where will the matches be held?

The matches will be held at different venues. The venues are UWC Dover, NUS, SAS, ACJC, and the Savitar Tennis Centre at the Fairmont Hotel. You will be able to find your team’s match venues on the Draw & Schedule at the start of the season. Your team does not need to provide any courts to enter. For directions to locations please click here or go to "Venues" on the main menu.

11. How can we find more players for our team?

Please put your team details down on the Team Finder and players that are looking for a team can then contact you.

12. Can we still add players to our team? How do we add more players?

You can add players to your team up until 3rd week of competition starts. Please send an email with the following details to sports@ufit.com.sg and we will add the player to the team. 

Team name/division:
Player's first name:
Player's Last name:
Ranking within team:
Parents email:
Parents hp number:

13. How do I roster on the players each week?

The manager will do their best to roster each player on for a minimum of 4 match ties during the season according to the players availability. The manager/representative will then give the weekly line up to the onsite coordinator.

At least four players must be rostered to play each week. You can roster up to 8 players each week. Players cannot play out of order of rank, e.g. if you have your number 2, 3, 5, 7 playing that day then the number 2 becomes number 1 for that day and so on, with the number 7 playing number 4.

The only doubles rule is that the highest ranked of the 4 players you choose to play doubles, must play #1 doubles. The remaining 3 players can play any order in the doubles. If your number 1 ranked player is playing singles, there is no obligation for them to play doubles as well. With singles the players must play in order of ranking. A player can play either a singles or/and a doubles. 

*Please find below examples of how the rostering system can work for a team of 8 players.

Ex. 1 (4 players rostered on) Ex. 2 (6 players rostered on) Ex. 3 (8 players rostered on)
(Player 1, 2, 4 & 6 not playing) (Player 5 & 7 not playing) (All players are playing)
1st Singles - Rank 3 1st Singles - Rank 2 1st Singles - Rank 1
2nd Singles - Rank 5 2nd Singles - Rank 3 2nd Singles - Rank 2
3rd Singles - Rank 7 3rd Singles - Rank 6 3rd Singles - Rank 5
4th Singles - Rank 8 4th Singles - Rank 8 4th Singles - Rank 7
1st Doubles - Rank 3&7 1st Doubles - Rank 1&4 1st Doubles - Rank 3&4
2nd Doubles - Rank 5&8 2nd Doubles - Rank 2&3  2nd Doubles - Rank 6&8

14. How do I change the Player rankings?

You can make changes to the rankings within the first two weeks only (before the start of week three). All team managers will be shared into a google sheet in the beginning of the season where they can make the changes. You can also email the new rankings to jtt@savitar.sg. Any changes of the player rankings must be updated online or officially acknowledged by the JTT Management by Thursday before match start.

15. When is the Grading Day / Do I need to come for the Grading Day?

All NEW Individual entries are required to attend a grading day on Sunday, 28th August 2022 from 4pm-6pm, at the Savitar Tennis Centre (Fairmont hotel, level 8). This is where we will place all the individual entries into a team. There is no scoring and it's not super competitive, just to give us an indication of each player's level and potential ranking in a team. If you are unable to attend Grading Day please contact JTT Management at jtt@savitar.sg.

16. When is the Launch Day / Do I need to attend Launch Day?

More information about the Launch day will be up on the website shortly.