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Nuolin Jiang
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JTTL Season 2022 - Weekly Stars


Weekly Stars from Week 1-4! Please click on the right hand side of the white dot below the picture to browse through the Weekly Stars pictures

The JTTL Crew have been keeping a lookout for a few selected individuals who possess the characteristics of an all-rounded tennis player. These players may win or lose their matches, but we are not just looking for the skills and abilities they possess. We also take into consideration the attitude and etiquette they present on the tennis court. It's these individuals who will be crowned our Weekly Stars! 

Week 1 to 4 Weekly Stars are:
Adavait Mantri, Inside Out, 17A
Ellamhae Paglalunan, Winchester Warriors, 10B
Nuolin Jiang, MacWin+, 12B
Tjin Hon Koh, Court Jesters, 14A

These players showed a positive attitude on court and played fairly. They were polite and gracious and congratulated good shots from their opponents. They also showed that they enjoyed being out on the court regardless of whether they were winning or losing.  Congratulations Adavait, Ellamhae, Nuolin and Tjin Hon!

To view the Weekly Stars pictures please click here.

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Ellamhae Paglalunan

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