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X-Kidz - 10A
Orange Smash City - 10B
Epic Acers - 10A
MacWin - 10A
Hit and Run - 10B
Jr Knights - 12A
Aces in Spades - 10B
Alfo Dynamites - 12A
Ninja Stitch - 12A
Deathstroke - 12B

News Report

JTTL Season 1, 2021 - Winning Teams!


To all the players, a massive congratulations! Please click to the right of the white dot below the picture (left hand side) to browse through the team pictures


A big thanks and congratulations to all players who took part this season!

It has been a season like no other but we managed to pull through! We witnessed some fantastic matches throughout the whole season. To all players, managers, and parents, we would like to thank you for all the time and effort you put in, on and off the court.

You can find the placings for Season 1 here. We have also posted pictures of some of the winning teams of Season 1, 2021 in the picture gallery above. Please click to the right of the white dot below the picture above to browse through the different teams.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the league this season and contributed to a memorable season. We are targeting to continue with the regular league set up, with doubles and singles for all age groups in Season 1, 2022. We will send out more information once the dates are confirmed.

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JTTL S1 2021 - Winning Teams

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