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JTTL S1, 2021 - Starts

News Report

JTTL Season 1, 2021!


The league will commence again on Sunday 7th of February

Dear Participants & Parents, 

We hope you are all well and out there playing tennis again. 

Thank you for your support and your patience. As you might be aware of already, Season 1 of JTTL 2021 will commence on Sunday February 7th and run all the way to the end of June. All the matches will be played at the Savitar Tennis Centre (Fairmont hotel, level 8) on Sunday afternoons. There will be a revised format and we will be strictly following the MOH guidelines. Due to the limited court space, this season will only be for the 10&U age group and 12&U age groups. For the rest of the age groups, 14&U and 17&U we are targeting to accommodate them in Season 2, planned September 2021. Of course we hope that by September that we are able to go back to normal again and accommodate all age groups and allow new teams and individuals to register.

Existing teams & New registrations
The cut off date was on Wednesday, 27th of January for previously existing teams to reconfirm their entry. We have had a maximum team capacity of 34 teams this season and we had to move some teams from the 10/U age groups to the 12/U age groups because of age eligibility. That means that we reduced the capacity for the 10&U age groups and expanded the capacity for the 12/U age groups in order to accommodate all the existing teams. However since the maximum capacity for the league this season is 34 in order for us to complete all matches by the end of June we are unfortunately not able to open up for any new registrations. We really tried our best to come up with ideas how we could accommodate all the new registration requests we received but unfortunately due to lack of court availability there was nothing we could do.

We keep our fingers crossed that we are able to accommodate all age groups and new registrations in September for Season 2. Please check in on our website again in July.

Draw/Schedule/Team Lists:
For the existing teams that have confirmed their entry for Season 1 the schedule will be up on Monday, February 1st on the jttsingapore.com website (Click JTTL - Draw & Schedule on the main menu) along with the team lists as well. 

We will process the partial refunds of $265 for the teams and $53 for the individual sign ups by the end of February. 

Thanks so much again for your support of the league and we are really excited for the league to get started again! 

All the best,
The JTTL Team

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