JTTL Team Knockout Championships Invitational

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Every season starts with an optional JTTL Team Knockout Championships Invitational tournament. With a more fast paced format it's a great opportunity for players to build team dynamics and to prepare for the new season. It's only open to JTTL players and the registration for this will be as an additional "add on" with the regular JTTL registration link.

Categories: Dates/Time:
10/U (Born in 2009 to 2011) Mixed gender February 16 & 17 (Sat & Sun), 8:30am-6:30pm                                                 
12/U (Born in 2007 or 2008) Mixed gender February 16 & 17 (Sat & Sun), 8:30am-6:30pm                                                              
14/U (Born in 2005 or 2006) Mixed gender February 16 & 17 (Sat & Sun), 8:30am-6:30pm                                                                    
*Written permission from JTT Management must be provided in order to play above your age group.

1. Draw/Format

Maximum 32 draw with consolation event for all 1st match losers.
8 seeds for 32 draw, 4 seeds for 16 draw, 2 seeds for 8 draw (taken from STA rankings, team rankings and past JTTL results - in that order)
Matches will be played as the best of two (2) short sets (first to four (4) games) with a short tiebreak (first to five (5) points, deciding point at four (4) points all) played at three (3)games all. If sets are even at the conclusion of the second set, a Match tiebreak (first to seven(7) points, deciding point at six (6) points all) will be played to determine the outcome of the match. When it is deuce the receiving team chooses which side to return from. There will be one doubles and two singles per tie. With singles 1 plays 1, 2 plays 2 etc.

The format of play shall be as follows: Team Knockout Championships Scoring Format & Rules

2. Team Make Up

A team can be made up of a minimum of 4 players and up to a maximum of 8 players (either boys, girls or mixed). All players must be ranked in order of ability (from #1-8) on the entry form. Four players are rostered to play each tie. Players cannot play out of order, e.g. if you have your number 2, 3, and 5 playing that day then the number 2 becomes number 1 for that day and so on, with the number 3 playing number 2. If there is a dispute or concern over the ranking you receive, it can be officially challenged by team managers and adjusted by JTT. Each tie will consist of three matches, two singles and one doubles. Each team will be guaranteed two ties – consolation event for all 1st match losers.

3. Roster

Your team manager is your point of contact for the league. The team manager will be in charge of rostering the players for each tie. For each tie your manager needs to roster on 4 players. Since each team is guaranteed at least two ties means that the manager can give match opportunities to all players. For example the manager roster on rank 1, 3, 5 and 7 for the first tie and rank 2,4, 6 and 8 for the second tie. 

4. Match schedule:

The draw and match schedule will be posted on www.jttsingapore.com by Wednesday before tournament start. Click on the "Match Groups" section and then "TKC - Your division" on the main menu to see the draw.

5. Seeding

4 seeds for 16 draw or 2  seeds for 8 draw (taken from STA rankings, team rankings and past JTTL results - in that order).

6. Points System

One point will be rewarded for each match won. 

7. Rules & Regulations

Please click here

8. Venue

We will be using United World College Dover and National University of Singapore (NUS) as our main locations. For the exact location please go to Venues under the main menu or click here. For UWC Dover you will need a security pass that will be sent to you through email. Parking is available at UWC Dover next to the swimming pool. Once you walk past the pool, the tennis courts will be on your left. 

9. Deadline

All entries must be received by JTT no later than Friday February 3rd, 2019. Due to limited numbers, entry will be on a first come first served basis, which must include payment. There will be a waiting list for all entries after 16, and this will be on a first come first served basis from time of entry.

10. Prizes

Trophies and/or prizes will be awarded to:

                              Main event: 1st and 2nd place               Consolation event: 1st and 2nd place

11. Registration

Please click here to register!

You can also register through the additional "add on" with the regular JTTL Team registration link here.

12. Entry Fee

S$195 per team (Incl. GST)

13. Sports Safety

For more information on how to compete successfully and safely in the hot Singapore climate please refer to Sports Singapore heat disorders prevention and UV protection guide.

14. Contact

If you have any questions please contact JTT at jtt@savitar.sg or H/P: 9646-5703




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