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JTTL Season I - Weekly Star 1


Vaibhav Kartik - SITA Spin

Vaibhav Kartik from 12B Team SITA Spin, is our pick this week for Weekly Star!

Welcome to 2019's Season 1 of JTTL! The JTTL Crew have started to keep a lookout for a few selected individuals with some key characteristics of a tennis player. These players may win, and they may lose their matches. But what we scout for are not just the skills and abilities they possess. The attitude and etiquette they present on the tennis court are also equally significant. These individuals will be named our Weekly Stars! 

Vaibhav Kartik played both 1st singles and 1st doubles for his team the first week of play. He and his partner won the doubles. For the Singles even though he did not come out on top that morning he kept his composure, stayed focused, and worked to give the opponent a tough time to close out the match. Vaibhav has an overall great attitude on court and therefore, we are awarding him as Week 1 Star! Congratulations, Vaibhav! 





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