Honours and Timeline

JTTL Season 2, 2018

Red Ball           Orange Ball
Winner Ryan Tang Winner Takuya Kaneko
Runner Up Niyati Bhandari Runner Up Nathaniel Carson
Con Winner Natalie Chen Con Winner Sanjay Vasu
Con Runner Up Edward Freddi Con Runner Up Dylan Jack Condron
Participant Rafe Forbes Participant Samantha Lum
Participant Jia Rui Zhang Participant Gabe Dodanwela
Participant Joshua Carson Participant Keiju Yuto
Participant Kah Ling Siak Participant Wen Sheng Miles Teo

JTT MINI Sportsmanship Award
Rafe Forbes

10B Blue           12A
Winner TA Titans Winner Spin & Slice
Runner Up Swiss Acers Runner Up Slam Dunk
3rd Place ALFO Aces 3rd Place Tennis Whizz
Pool 2 Winner SITA Rockets
Pool 3 Winner Racketeers 14B
Pool 4 Winner Tanglin Rookies Winner Rhu Cross Raiders
Runner Up Sweet Shots
10B Red 3rd Place Tanglin warriors
Winner Fireball
Runner Up Alley Gators 14A
3rd Place ALFO Get a Grip Winner Flying Aces
Runner Up Fast & Furious
10A 3rd Place Rebels
Runner Up Team Z 17A
3rd Place Just Keep Swingin Winner Bangers and Smash
Runner Up Smashers17
12B 3rd Place Super 7
Winner The Blackjacks
Runner Up High Strung Weekly Stars
3rd Place Tanglin Force Week 1 Omar Goshawk
Pool 2 Winner Vamos Week 2 Caroline Beck-Petersen
Pool 3 Winner Team Sharks Week 3 Evie Wang
Pool 4 Winner SITA Spin Week 4 Tetsu Takayama
Week 5 Romain Levard
JTTL Sportsmanship Award
Star Jammers

January 2009

In 2009, Savitar established the Junior Team Tennis League (JTTL) to provide junior players with the opportunity to gain valuable match play experience, improve competitive performance, and develop life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship.  With over 600 participants and 100+ teams competing, the JTTL continues to grow rapidly.   

In 2010, JTT Mini (now Grand Slam 8/U was launched to offer an exciting tennis competition for 5 – 8 year olds using mini tennis nets and lower compression balls, improving young players’ technique, performance, and enjoyment.  JTT is sanctioned by the Singapore Tennis Association and supported by ActiveSG and we expect to develop additional events in future to further enhance match play opportunities for junior players in Singapore.




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